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Open Day of Mosques in Germany

The 3rd of October has two important meanings for German society. One goes back to the 3rd of October of the year 1990, the reunification of Germany. Previously, Germany was split into Eastern and Western Germany due to political issues. 3rd October...
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Spring Blog

“A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together, it’s on the foundation you built” This quote closed the last reminder during our final meeting of the two-year mandate in FEMYSO. When Hajar read this quote, her voice...
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#Greening Up in Berlin

A diary of my #GreenUp experience: My name is Lucie Jíchová and I recently attended a seminar led by FEMYSO alongside British NGO MADE in Europe, which took place in Berlin from the 16th – 21st December 2012. It marked the first...
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Reflections with Youssef

Dignity and us Recently I was blessed to take part in what was sure to be a dynamic, spirited and thought provoking conversation in Paris, where we were discussing today’s major challenges for human rights. Starting with the guiding principles contained in...
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