Fri, 15/01/2016
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Due to popular demand the deadline has been extended to 25 January at 23:59
There are three main phases for the competition:
Phase 1 – Pre-selection of the projects
This phase entails the submission of your project ideas (maximum one page) and the profile of the ‘team/participants’ (the introduction of each member of the team has no fixed format): getting ready for organizing your ideas and developing working groups (i.e. phase 2).
Rules and Conditions:
The Award focuses on projects that fit the following themes:
1. Projects/models that bring people with different backgrounds together to deal jointly with a social or a political theme, (i.e. people with different religious, social, ethnic, regional backgrounds, or people from different generations).
2. Projects/strategies for the prevention of or for combating extremism, fundamentalism, racism, Islamophobia, discrimination and xenophobia.
3. Projects/strategies that enable marginal groups as well as hard-to-reach learners to participate more fully in social and political life.
4. Projects that focus on strengthening social cohesion in Europe by means of spreading universal rights and values, knowledge and skills.
5. Projects that implement creativity in education in order to combat social exclusion.
The Projects must be submitted by 25 January 2016 at 23:59 CET
There is no limit on the number of submissions per group or/and individuals, as long as each project meets the requirements stipulated in the call.
Kindly note, any Project which does not fulfil this requirement will not be selected for the second phase.
Phase 2 – E-learning Phase, Webinars, and Supporting Dossier Submission
In case the project you have submitted has been selected for the second phase, you and your team (if applicable) will be asked to submit a supporting dossier and a summary (maximum 420 words) to explain the project, its aims and your personal views on the topic by 01 March 2016 at 23:59 CET.
The main aim of this phase is supporting participants to acquire core knowledge on social entrepreneurship and the preparation of a business plan which will be further addressed in webinars (which will be either addressing all the selected projects’ team or by specifically addressing a team, according to the needs of the participants).
This phase entails the self-assessment of the competences, learning planning, the better clarification and build-up of the innovative project that participants are expected to develop and implement throughout the competition.
The preferred languages for submissions are English and French.
Download the Application Form (dossier)
The webinars will be starting on 01 February 2016 and will finish on 25 February 2016
This phase pivotal for learning and developing the skills needed for the writing of the project plan, and therefore the experts and participants will work together throughout this phase.
During this phase there will be the opportunity to finalize the projects to be implemented by the participants after the competition. Moreover the webinars will set the common learning objectives.
Topics which will be covered through the webinars:
- “Business plan” by Lisa Beers, Volunteering & Partnerships Executive at The Prince's Trust, Belfast, United Kingdom
- “Civic engagement and youth empowerment” by Sabrina Sassi, Researcher & Activist.
- “Developing the projects: Working groups” by the Build My Ngos’ team
The jury and its mission:
All completed applications received by 1/03/2016, will be submitted to the Youth Innovators Awards Jury, an independent body of real professionals selected by FEMYSO. The jury's mission is to select the finalists for the 3rd phase.
The jury will base its selection, in total independence, upon various and unlimited criteria such as integration into the environment, originality of the concept, project quality, and services offered.
The Jury will announce the winners on the 10th of April 2016 and the winning project will be published on the FEMYSO website. Of course you will be informed personally if you are one of the winners!
Please note, the jury reserves the right not to examine incomplete applications.
Phase 3 – Follow Up, and Ceremony
This phase is mainly for consolidating learning, supporting participants in their follow-up of the projects and learning process and enabling the networking in between participants and experts.
Some new learning units will be proposed based on individual needs of participants. Particular attention will be devoted to the follow-up of the projects of participants in view of securing the feasibility of the project.
What Can You Win?
The winners (i.e. the project selected as the best from phase 2) of the Award will be invited for a special 4-day program in Brussels (May TBC) to meet Entrepreneurs, funders and EU institutions. All the cost will be covered by FEMYSO.
Every participant will also receive an official Certificate in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Civil Society Cooperation program. Together with our partners and FEMYSO Executive Committee we will organize a reception at the FEMYSO office to present the winning project. The visit in Brussels is designed to help the winner develop and fundraise for their project by providing a 3-fold structure of knowledge, skills/mentoring and European networks, through:
1. Knowledge about entrepreneurship and volunteering and understanding of EU policies and opportunities and solutions to local problems
2. Skills training to be able to develop the project and provide ongoing support and mentoring
3. Access to a Cross-European network of funders, youth peers, fostering cross-European cooperation through joint projects, and connection to European institutions.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to participate.
Shall you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Youth Innovators Award Team