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Sarajevo Peace Event Youth Camp

Deadline to Apply: 
Thu, 05/06/2014
Event Date: 
Fri, 06/06/2014 - Mon, 09/06/2014
Activity Organised by: 
Peace Event Sarajevo
For Participants from: 
All Europe

2014: 100 years after World War I
Prevent and abolish war for a culture of peace.

Peace Event Sarajevo will serve as an acknowledgment for all peace initiatives which have been flourishing for decades and areminder that peace still needs to be fostered. Furthermore, it will represent an international exchange platform for debate and information on different topics related to nonviolence and peace.

The main themes for the event are:
- Peace and Social Justice
- A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence
- Gender, Women and Peace
- Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past

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