Call for Applications : 2020 European Youth Event, FEMYSO Delegation

Are you looking for an opportunity where you want to share your ideas, your concerns and your opinions regarding what is happening in Europe nowadays? Do you want meet thousands of young people driven by the desire to make a change in society?
Then you are in the right place!
The EYE20 is a unic opportunity offered by the European Parliament during which you can live insightful and productive moments!
But..what is exactly the EYE?
• EYE stands for European Youth Event
• It is a political youth-led event that takes place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg gathering more than 8,000 young Europeans.
• It combines high-level political debates, thematic workshops, educational activities, cultural animations and live music into a unique political and festive mix creating a unique, fun and meaningful experience of participation
• It aims to put youth issues at the forefront of the political debate, engaging with young people and demonstrating the positive contribution they make to society.
All of this happening inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg!
“Do we have to stay inside the Parliament the entire time?”
Of course not! Because outside the Parliament there will be another wonderful event: the Yo! Fest.
Yo! Fest is an informal, dynamic, youth-led festival that brings young people and decision-makers together from across Europe to share stories and ideas to create solutions. The festival inspires, examines and entertains, inviting participants to inspect the world as it is and imagine how it might be.

200 hundred people will be given the opportunity to take part to this wonderful initiative! This looks amazing! How can I participate?
• Willing to be a positive contribution to Europe
• Currently or formerly involved in a youth organisation
• Between 16 and 30 years old
• From any European country
• Available on the 28 th,29 th and 30 thof May 2019 and willing to travel to Strasbourg
• Interested by European issues
• Preferably outspoken (you’re not afraid to say what you think!)
• Able to speak English

What are you waiting for?
Apply here!

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