Fighting Islamophobia

Combating Islamophobia

Islamophobia is prejudice against, hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims. It is it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social, cultural and public life of the nation. Examples include violent attacks on Muslim individuals and on Muslim institutions and property, which have occurred widely across Europe in recent times – ranging from arson attacks on mosques and Muslim schools to the killing of Marwa El-Sherbini in Germany in 2009.

Islamophobia is a growing concern for many European Muslims. It is a complex and multi-facted problem that is limiting the ability of the Muslim community, especially young people, to realise their potential.

For this reason, part of FEMYSO’s work to promote the development, understanding and respect of human rights across Europe, we focus specifically on tackling Islamophobia in all its forms and raising awareness about this growing problem. Our work in this area includes seminars, study sessions, training programmes for Muslim youth organisations on how to more effectively and creatively tackle Islamophobia, research, awareness-raising and cooperation with institutional bodies.

Below you can find details of our past and future activities in this area, and a list of useful resources for those interested in finding out more about this issue.

Human Rights

Human rights language and discourse have become a truly global phenomenon in recent decades becoming one of the main paradigms for framing social issues and demands. Human rights can provide a vital foundation and tool for fostering peace, justice and equality.

One of the objectives of FEMYSO is to promote the development, understanding, respect for and enjoyment of human rights in Europe. FEMYSO has organised numerous educational activities at both national and European levels, produced educational publications and encouraged human rights as a key focus of Member Organisations’ activities. We have built strong relationships and partnership with various human rights non-governmental organisations and contribute to discussions around human rights at the European level.

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