Youth Exchange

The growing number of the 50 million Muslims living in Eastern and Western Europe makes essential that young European Muslims have the European Muslim Identity, know Europe as their home land, and not feel it strange to be Muslim and European at the same time.
Young Muslims all over Europe must be in touch, know each other to feel the real Islamic brotherhood that has no borders and be prepared to be a responsible and constructive member of the European society.


  • To create a possibility to all young Muslims of MOs to know other Muslims in Europe, to know about their history, culture, how their life is, what they have achieved in their country as Muslims, and what problems they face.
  • To encourage Muslim Youth to learn different languages and improve them.
  • To enhance the skills and potentials of youth by internship.
  • To encourage MOs to change their experiences among them and improve their relationship with other MOs.
  • To promote networking inside FEMYSO (among MOs).
  • To spread the awareness of European Muslim Identity among Muslim Youth.
  • To enhance cross cultural understanding.