Reclaim Your Narrative Study Session held in Budapest

We have concluded #ReclaimYourNarrative Study Session, an event organised by FEMYSO in cooperation with the Council of Europe and held at the European Youth Center Budapest (EYCB).

The event was attended by 38 participants from 16 European countries who participated in an intense and productive 5-day program. A study session aimed at empowering young Muslims and taking part in the media in order to reclaim the narrative and make their voices heard.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss ideas through shared experience across the European landscape, to educate them on exercising their human rights, the relevant work and instruments of the Council of Europe, to explore the importance of narratives and the role they play and their impact, to develop capacity to shape their narratives allowing them to represent themselves and their communities on multiple levels and to receive theoretical and practical skills necessary to push the narrative within their own context.

The end of the Media Study Session witnessed the realisation of different campaigns on issues with the aim to raise awareness among Europe.

Reclaim Your Narrative, don’t let others define it for you!