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What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly (GA) is the main deliberative, policy-making and representative body of FEMYSO. It’s annual organisation is an institutional obligation by statutes and a rigorous commitment of FEMYSO to good governance. The General Assembly is hosted each year in a different European Country, where our member organisations are based. Although this rotating staging is logistically effortful, it aims to keep FEMYSO boldly connected with its membership  

Through the General Assembly two governing bodies of FEMYSO, the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees are elected and held accountable by our member organisations. Furthermore, policies of any kind are formed through motions and amendments. To ensure and safeguard a continuous and transparent representation of Muslim Youth in Europe, the political practice during the General Assembly is led by Election Commissioner(s) and additionally examined by several observers. 

Why is the GA important for FEMYSO?

It is only with the General Assembly, that an overall representation and network potential is unleashed, within all bodies of FEMYSO. All stakeholders are gathering at the same time in one single place. This fosters on the one hand the collective interaction between all bodies, on the other hand it nurtures the individual communication between every attendee. Beyond the fact that the GA is yielding annually an emotional atmosphere of strong ownership, it constitutes a personal highlight for every person who is dedicated to the work for European Muslim Youth in every respect.  

GA 21
GA 22
GA 23
GA 24
GA 25
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GA 27
2017 Cologne
2018 Sarajevo
2019 Dublin
2020 Online
2021 Albania
2022 Helsinki
2023 tbc