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The Consultation Meeting (CM), a yearly event with Member Organisations (MOs) representatives, was voted by the MOs at the GA23 as a highly recommended initiative to be facilitated by FEMYSO. The CM is an opportunity to discuss issues affecting European Muslims, provide executive training, engage MOs with FEMYSO projects, provide a platform where organisations can come together and share best practices and challenges. It aims to better represent MOs and their interests, consult them for the future strategy of FEMYSO, provide a platform for executive development, and mentorship, and connect them with partners and institutions.

Initially the CM was planned to happen straight after the European Youth Event in June 2020, preparations were set in place and the invitations were sent out. Though due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the whole event had to be reorganised and executed online in August 2020. It was a successful first-time event, in which the head of Services led a session on brainstorming collectively with the MO representatives the ideas for the upcoming 25th anniversary of FEMYSO. The head of Campaigns hosted an Advocacy and combatting Islamophobia session discussing with MO representatives the ways of working effectively and collectively on the topic. An MO led session took place where representatives of EMF (France) and LMB Youth (Belgium) presented some best practices of their local advocacy initiatives which was followed up by an open and fruitful discussion amongst the MOs present.