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Programmes developed through our vast network of experienced, and qualified trainers

Here at FEMYSO, we want to ensure that organisations and young people receive the best tailored training that suits their specific needs. We cater and deliver training efficiently and effectively in the most innovative and original manner. We aim at building skillful, competent and qualified individuals within their organisations and across Europe.  

Whether you request a training, attend our unique programs, subscribe to our Online Academy, become part of our network of skilled trainers or seek a collaboration between us and you. Without a doubt your journey with us is one that will be memorable.  

At the heart of the Training department, we are specifically responsible for identifying and developing capacity building programmes in support of our Member Organisations (MOs) to build skilled, active and strong European Muslim youth. Our Comprehensive Framework secures that tailored long-term training initiatives are proactively provided for the strategic development of our MOs and their members.  

Our training is prepared miraculously, paying attention to every detail following our unique FEMYSO training branding. The training is tailored specifically to ensure the growth and development of organisations. Guaranteeing we have competent and skilled trainers is pivotal to any training delivered by FEMYSO. Ensuring we create a network of highly skilled individuals across Europe thus creating sustainability and value creation for all stakeholders.  

We look forward on embarking on this journey together: