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Ramadan Blossom


“Just like flowers blossom every spring, so do we every Ramadan”.

We are glad to announce that the Ramadan Blossom campaign is back!

FEMYSO wishes you a blessed Ramadan to you and to your family.

The Ramadan Blossom campaign was launched for the first time in 2020 with the aim to support European Muslim youth in strengthening their spirituality in the holy month of Ramadan and to inspire and empower them to become a generation of young active citizens. The core message of the Ramadan Blossom campaign is “Just like flowers blossom every spring, so do we every Ramadan” which  aims at providing you with tools to accompany you in your journey of spirituality and self-development.

As this is a month of spiritual renewal, growth and community, the activities we have planned are tailored to increasing your Islamic knowledge and keeping the community spirit alive.

In 2020, Ramadan Blossom included a successful fundraising campaign and online auction supporting the organisation financially which took place for the first time. In addition, 20 Blogposts were produced and posted on the FEMYSO website, bringing more visitors to the website and creating a loyal audience who waited for the next FEMYSO blogpost during Ramadan.

In 2021, the campaign included a bespoke Ramadan Planner targeted at Muslim youth and their needs. The booklet included preparations, dhikr, Quran, goals, salah, reflections and reminders as well as creative pages to keep note of some tasty recipes. Ramadan Blossom Goes Live- a series of online talks and lives were also part of the Ramadan Blossom Campaign.

In 2022, additional activities such as “A Day in the life of…” featuring our inspiring Member Organisations from across Europe to showcase their experiences of fasting and showed us the community work implemented and how they brought people together during the Holy Month of Ramadan.  A video series “The Ramadan Blossom Goes Live” a live stream on Instagram, the Blossomers Community on Telegram, writing competition, crafting for Unity activity series were added to the yearly campaign.


Ramadan Blossom Planner

Download the Ramadan Blossom Planner now to help maximise your Ramadan.