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Ramadan Blossom


Just like last year, this Ramadan will be different to what we are used to. But to ensure it is as beneficial as possible for you, FEMYSO presents our Ramadan Blossom Campaign 


As this is a month of spiritual renewal, growth and community, the activities we have planned are tailored to increasing your Islamic knowledge and keeping the community spirit alive despite the pandemic. 


Our Ramadan Blossom Projects: 

Ramadan Planner: We have created a planner to help you stay organised and focused throughout the period of Ramadan. The booklet includes pre-preparations, dhikr, Quran, goals, salah, reflections and reminders as well as creative pages for you to keep note of some tasty recipes.   


Ramadan Blossom Goes Live feat. FEMYSOnow – Come along to our live events and increase in your knowledge on activism, your faith, and your health.  


“A day in the life of” Video Series. We will be featuring inspiring individuals from across Europe to showcase their experiences of fasting. Given the different cultures we have in Europe and the difficulties that Muslims face, these individuals will be giving us an in-depth look on how they navigate the problems our communities face.  


The Big European Iftar – We know that Iftar in lockdown was very difficult last year, and as we prepare for another lockdown Ramadan, we are determined to stay connected to you all. Look out for the details of the event. 

Ramadan Blossom Planner

Download the Ramadan Blossom Planner now to help maximise your Ramadan.