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“a list of publications that FEMYSO published or contributed towards”

Since 2004, FEMYSO has authored or co-authored some publications which we have saved in this page.


Voices of Diversity: FEMYSO’s Manifesto for an Inclusive Europe

The upcoming European Parliamentary Elections bear a great significance in the future direction of the European Union. With recent polls suggesting an upswing for right-wing political parties , there exists a pervasive sense of concern among Muslim youth across Europe regarding the political landscape and the security of their rights. This unease persists as they continue to grapple with being marginalised throughout society. Taking a proactive approach, the FEMYSO Election manifesto is a series of policy asks to our to-be elected representatives raising awareness of the issues that most concern young European Muslims. This manifesto also enables the Muslim youth to exercise their democratic rights in holding their elected representatives to account, and fully participate as active citizens. This manifesto has been developed through rigorous consultation with the network of Muslim Youth and Student organisations that FEMYSO represents. These national organisations were conferred with, ensuring that a diverse range of opinions were expressed, and that the following recommendations are truly reflective of the European Muslim youth. Through these pledges, our future decision-makers have a unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young European Muslims.

The manifesto document can be accessed here.


The "Citizenship" Leaflet

This leaflet encouraged young Muslims to be active and engaged citizens of Europe at all levels of society, accepting and realising that they belong to the European society and the European society belongs to them.


Thinking Allowed: What do Europeans Think About The French Legislation on The Banning of Religious Symbols?

Research conducted by FEMYSO in 2004