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The No Hate Speech Movement was a pioneering flagship project launched in 2013 by the Joint Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, involving most of its member states, youth representatives, and NGOs, aimed to combat cyber expression of hatred and racism which is nowadays very common. As part of the project, two online surveys revealed that Muslims are among the biggest victims of hate speech. Moreover, the project aimed at setting up a network of youth activists and youth organizations aiming to be the core of the campaign against hate speech online. The flagship project was concluded by the Council of Europe in 2019 and a network – the No Hate Speech Network- was established in the same by former volunteers and partner organizations in the NHSM.  

FEMYSO has been actively part of the campaign and was heavily involved since the inception of the concept of the project and is currently a member of the follow-up group on Hate speech online, a commission composed of experts, member states delegates and youth representatives in charge of the development of the campaign and the associated projects at the European level. In addition, many volunteers of the FEMYSO network participated in both online actions and conferences within the scope of the project. 

As of 2020, FEMYSO is a member of the No Hate Speech Network.