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In 2014 FEMYSO run the first part of the Build My NGO trainings series through a 3-part programme that promotes youth leadership by delivering transversal skills training to marginalised youth on how to create, run and develop their own youth organisations and youth projects. The program had over 120 participants in the 3 weeks. 


Many youth and student organisations face difficulties in maintaining their sustainability due to the high turn- over of individuals and the voluntary nature of their work, and sometimes due to lack of capacity and planning. is means that youth projects can be full of energy and potential, but due to lack of long-term planning, vision or funding, they do not achieve their potential. 


During 2015 and the beginning of 2016, we have provided the participants of this project a series of webinars on social entrepreneurship which provided mentoring for 120 participants from all over Europe to launch and implement their own project. The webinars hosted renowned entrepreneurs from around the globe and covered different thematic in order to empower and inspire European Muslim youth to proactively create solutions to common problems. 


Through the webinars and the mentoring, we have realized the potential of European Muslim youth, and therefore we have decided to organize a Youth Innovators Award dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship – and one of the projects that stemmed from this program was awarded to visit for a week the European capital of Brussels and to meet some of the grantees and EU bodies, in addition to receiving an award during a ceremony. The awarding ceremony took place in May 2016.