FEMYSO envisages a Europe in which Muslims take pride in their identity and contribution to society. The 800-year Muslim presence in Spain, Italy and the Balkans brought Europe into a Golden Age by playing a key role in the development of European civilisation. We anticipate a future in which Muslims will continue to contribute positively and constructively to our common European society.

FEMYSO promotes respect and peaceful coexistence between the different peoples of Europe.

FEMYSO is committed to working together with its Member Organisations and its different partners at a European level for the benefit of all youth on issues of citizenship, democracy, social harmony and respect for human rights, equality and justice.

FEMYSO abhors the use of violence and condemns any act that spreads fear, hatred or terror.

Whilst Europe is well known for its tolerance and democratic values, it is with great sadness and concern that we also see the rise of racist and Islamophobic prejudices in many European countries. As a result, FEMYSO is committed to fighting prejudice and discrimination at all levels so that the future of Europe is realised as a multicultural, inclusive and respectful society, in which all people can work together to create a peaceful and prosperous community.

FEMYSO has established itself by being:

  • The first organisation to be consulted on Muslim youth issues in Europe.
  • A member of the Advisory Council and of the Joint Council.
  • A member of the Advisory Council on Youth within the Council of Europe.
  • A member of the European Steering Group for the Campaign on Diversity, Participation and Human Rights within the Council of Europe.
  • Participatory status with the Council of Europe as a recognised and valued INGO (International NGO). This allows FEMYSO to be involved in the definition of Council of Europe policies, programmes and actions.

FEMYSO has become the de facto voice of Muslim youth by representing effectively its member organisations in all spheres of European life, from social to political, private to public.

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