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FEMYSO aims to develop and inspire social changemakers on both national and European levels, representing over a hundred thousand students from across Europe. With the current rise of the far-right, it has become clear that Muslim youth can be disregarded from engaging within civic spaces, creating structural barriers and eliminating them from becoming part of the conversation, thus resulting in disengaged youth. Now, more than ever, it has become crucial to educate and empower youth to establish creative initiatives within the area of community organising, through establishing techniques and strategies in social entrepreneurship and cross-community collaboration, while resisting community obstacles and enhancing minority rights. 

The Study Session aims at doing this by bringing together youth participants from across Europe with different social and cultural backgrounds, to overcome the obstacles in order to minimise exclusion, and empower them to take action around the issues that affect their communities. The Study Session would result in the production of creative initiatives using sustainable and scalable models, with the hope of facilitating large scale societal change. Active citizenship is a goal which FEMYSO inevitably continues working towards with the CoE. 

The overarching aim of this study session is to empower young European Muslims to participate in creative active citizenship, by driving community impact initiatives. We would like to upskill youth from minority backgrounds in the area of community activism, placing a focus on awareness and importance of intercommunity work, including the effective engagement of European stakeholders and institutions to achieve their objectives. We aim to equip participants with the social entrepreneurship skills necessary to lead active citizenship within their communities. We intend to educate participants on their basic human rights, and how to address the potential infringement of these rights, upon their becoming changemakers and community organisers.