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Why join FEMYSO? 

At FEMYSO we pride ourselves in the extensive network of people, coming together from all corners of Europe to help achieve our mission. Through our work, we enable volunteers to gain the necessary skills and experience to create long lasting impact in their communities as well as Europe at large. Whether on a personal or professional level, volunteers go through a transformative experience to become leaders and pioneers in their respective fields. Our merit lies in the selfless dedication of teams, solely motivated by a vision for a more Diverse, Cohesive and Vibrant Europe. 


Roles and positions 

The FEMYSO Family is comprised of several departments, each lead by an executive committee member. The departments have many teams and projects.   

The available positions change depending on the need and the ongoing projects, so please always keep an eye out on the list of available positions.


What’s the procedure? 

The application form contains the most up to date list of vacant positions, as well as a link containing role descriptions. 

After your application is received, we will review it and respond back within 15 working days. Candidates may be invited to an interview to further explore their potential within the organization. 


Tasks and requirements 

Each role and position have different responsibilities & tasks. But what they do have in common is the values of FEMYSO (proactivity, excellence, godliness, creativity & unity) as well as adhering to the organisations vision of working towards a diverse, cohesive & vibrant Europe.