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The FEMYSO Summer School is a unique and specific annual event that aims to develop the next generation of skilled European Muslim youth in becoming active citizens on a national and European level. 

Through an exceptional summer programme experience, it allows to connect and become proactive instead of reactive to the issues and concerns that affect and impact Muslim Youth across Europe. 


In 2020, due to the restrictions of COVID-19 it became difficult to facilitate this project in person, however with this an opportunity also arose to initiate the Summer School online over two weekends in August. 

The Digital Summer School WWW: We, the World, and our Wellbeing aimed at uniting the participants digitally despite the distances. 

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The Summer School allowed participants to explore the relationship between sunnah and social justice, faith and activism, and maintaining mental health while working voluntarily. 

This was not a ‘how to’ course, but rather it was putting faith back into activism, in fact centering activism around faith, learning to have a coherent and developed strategy in the work and when working with other communities, and practicing real ‘self-care’ as young activists. 

The programme was highly interactive, and included keynote speeches, workshops and activities. 


The e-summer school in 2022 focused on environmental activism linked to social justice, because climate change is now occurring at rates much faster than anticipated and its effects can be widely witnessed throughout Europe and the globe. The event was named Eco School and was carried out throughout 3 days.

It created a network of 20 passionate young environmental activists supporting each other to mobilise their organisations and communities. By learning various tools for leading sustainable projects, the participants did not only promote environmental actions, but also enriched the understanding of the world they are living in, while at the same time promoting human rights such as justice and equality.