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“a one-step learning platform for our Member Organisations”

FEMYSO Academy is a one-step learning platform for our Member Organisations. It aims at offering unique trainings that are targeted to our Member Organisations’ needs and objectives. The Academy is a learning platform where FEMYSO is proactively engaged in empowering its Member Organisations, addressing key common aspects of their work, and empowering young Muslims, through personal development courses.  

On this platform you will be able to take online courses and find all the relevant information on upcoming face-to-face trainings, request a training, find more information on our competency framework and become part of our pool of trainers. 


With the Academy, for the first time ever we are offering online courses that you can take on the FEMYSO hub. It is also a dedicated space to you updated and informed on all the activities of the Training department. 

The reality is that our Member Organisations face several challenges and require continuous support as they are in a constant state of transition, have a highly mobile workforce and limited funding. Training is critical to support Member Organisations in ensuring their leadership and members have the right skills and knowledge to be effective in their roles.  

We want to build a skilled, active and strong European Muslim Youth that bring positive change to their local community and larger society. 

Our Training Focuses on 3 Key Areas

Build Our People

We want to build an active and strong European Muslim Youth that has the right skills to have a positive impact, such as effective communication, dynamic leadership and teamwork.  

Optimise Services

We want to train our Member Organisations in optimising the services that they offer to their communities, such as grassroots campaigns and small to large-scale events. 

Run The Organisation

We want to support in improving your organisational performance with trainings on the fundamental aspects of organizational management, such as strategy, planning, finances and communications.