FEMYSO’s Conference for the European Action Day Against Islamophobia is here

FEMYSO’s Conference for the European Action Day Against Islamophobia is here

Save the date: 21 September 2022 

In occasion of the European Action Day Against Islamophobia, FEMYSO is organizing an important in-person conference on 21 September 2022. This is an annual event commemorating the victims of Islamophobia, reflecting on gaps and good practices in Europe when it comes to tackling Islamophobia, and agreeing on joint actions with relevant stakeholders. All of this within the specific dimension of youth.

The European Action Day Against Islamophobia represents a major opportunity for Muslim youth that FEMYSO helped to create with EU institutions to bring the attention of stakeholders on the issue of islamophobia in Europe, sharing key facts with them as well as tools that they can bring in their fields of work to tackle islamophobia.   

The gradual increase of islamophobia at all levels has led to the aspirations of young European Muslims to be deeply affected and as of now, a clear and effective European strategy is lacking to tackle this issue.  

The event to be organized for the European action day against islamophobia will represent a pivotal opportunity to raise awareness and foster follow-up actions as well as relations and contacts with stakeholders with which cooperative actions can be implemented on the ground and at the policy level.   

FEMYSO is a pan-European network of national Muslim youth and Muslim students’ organizations covering more than 20 European countries. Our vision is to be the leading voice of European Muslim youth, empowering and serving them through networking, campaigns, trainings, and representation. FEMYSO aims to ensure that Muslim youth are included in relevant decision-making processes and that they are consulted on issues pertaining to Muslims and European Youth.   

FEMYSO has been representing and advocating for the rights of European Muslim Youth for 26 years and the fight against Islamophobia has always been at the core of the work that we deliver. With the unfortunate rise in discrimination against Muslims, the online hate speech targeting Muslims and Muslim activists, and also the increased numbers of Islamophobic events and hate crimes, a firm and solid reaction from the EU and Member States is needed now more than ever.  

With the continuous rise of islamophobia alongside the stigmatization and exclusion of Muslims from all areas of life, in the job market, in their access to education, or simply in public spaces, there is the necessity to recognize this serious phenomenon and ensure that policies protecting against islamophobia are put in place.   

On the 21st of September, our event in Brussels will explore more in depth the different forms through which Islamophobia can occur, with a specific attention to the “youth” component. Different institutional representatives and civil society organizations working on youth, education, and discrimination will be present to take part in the discussion and share their inputs and findings to ensure an inclusive and effective approach to addressing Islamophobia.   


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