FEMYSO has partnered with the European Parliament for the European Elections 2019 (EE19) campaign with the aim of providing citizens of all backgrounds the opportunity to actively and effectively participate in public life, and to take part in political debates. As the Elections are taking place within a shifting context, each passing day we are witnessing a number of structural changes in our political and social landscapes, which pose different existential dilemmas to us as EU citizens. Indeed, the political and social challenges that Muslim communities in Europe are facing cannot be ignored. There is a continuous rise in political movements, parties and groups which are anti-diversity, anti-migrant, and most importantly, Islamophobic. 

As an official, non-partisan partner of the European Parliament’s EE19 campaign, FEMYSO aims to cultivate a generation of young active citizens who know how to raise their voice within the EU. FEMYSO believes in the importance of empowering young people to become skillful, proactive and engaged citizens. We believe that the political and civic commitment of young people is a necessary driving force to build a stronger Europe and to contribute to more vibrant, inclusive and cohesive societies. To achieve this goal, we need to strengthen the political consciousness of youth and our sense of responsibility towards the societies we live in.

Why Should You Join The Campaign?


The EE19 are a chance for young Muslims to reclaim their narrative in their countries, to show thatwe careabout Europe and that we feelEuropean; to strengthen the relationship with local, national and EU institutions; and to build sustainable and cohesive societies.


Your vote is important, because you are a citizen of the European Union, and it is up to you to tell yourstory and to protect your rights and those of your fellow community members. 


It is up to us all to make a difference by choosing diversity over discrimination, integration over isolation. We can do so only if we decide to bring our voice to the decision-making table.

Check the EU’s election website for more information on how you can vote. 

Follow our social media platforms for more information and latest updates on the elections. 
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