One of the most special things in Islam is about celebrating. It is special because this concept is applied when you really have something to celebrate about. And Eid al Fitr is not an exception. We will be celebrating for fasting 30 days for Allah’s pleasure. 30 days fasting with the hope of having our mistakes forgiven. 30 days full of hope and fully committed to have our worship the best way possible. Eventually this kind of celebration is very amazing and feels so special. It really makes you proud cause you reached something so worth it. 

“So for this let the competitors compete.” (83:26)

 This ayah says it all. Aiming high, means aiming about the hereafter, the pleasure that Allah will provide for us eternally.

With that being said, you might love sharing some gifts with your beloved ones to celebrate what you’ve reached so far during this Ramadan.

  • Mugs. This is a cute souvenir and most people love it and are kind of addicted to it. Luckily you can easily personalise them by adding any cute element or even reminder quotes you’d like to have for a long time to your loved ones. 
  • Laptop Sticker. You can get some nice geometry style laptop stickers. Maybe find some elegant designs, based on Zalij geometry and make your laptop addicted friends feel happy!
  • Books. We all have book lovers in our friends and relatives circle. So find an amazing, inspiring and special book, for your most book addicted person, and surprise them this Eid. It’s very true that book lovers might have tons of books on their bookshelves, but still love having more and more. Make their wish come true, this Eid!
  • Prayer Mat. You know, there are a lot of people who love having cute praying mats. If you give them a nice one, you can really amaze them. And maybe come through their mind whenever praying and have the chance to be mentioned on their duas!
  • Beauty Box. Self care is very liked in Islam. We are required to take care of ourselves, stay clean and healthy. A beauty box can be a nice gift for your sister, friend, spouse, parents, for any one, both genders. You can buy one, or even buy separated products, and beautifully organise them in a box. 
  • Perfume. Since we’re at the beauty stuff, a perfume can be an ideal gift. We all love nice scents, just like our beloved prophet (pbh). Make people remind you and increase love among you. 
  • Rainbow Qur’an. Gifting a colorful Quran to your friend can be very significant, especially if they made it to complete the reading of this special book during the month when it was first revealed.
  • Beard Oil. Encourage our muslim brothers to take care of their beard. It is an encouraged act in Islam to keep you beard and yeah, nowadays it’s trendy also.

These are some suggestions, but of course you can come up with more ideas depending on the preferences of your beloved ones and your possibilities. But still, even if it is something small, it is meaningful. Get connected more with each other and never give up on gifts because they bloom love among you.  Our beloved prophet says: “Give gifts to spread love to one another. “ And Eid is just a perfect time!

Valbona Brahaj

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