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FEMYSO celebrates Europe Day.

This Thursday May 9th 2019, we celebrate the 34th Europe Day.
Since 1985, all European state members celebrate the European Union creation. A little bit of history, the 9th of May 1950, Robert Schuman, French foreign minister at the time, proposed a creation project of a common organisation between several European states and this is how the predecessor of the European Union was created.

In this joyful day of remembrance, the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Students Organisations would like to remind once again how grateful we should be for having such a strong organisation as the European Union. We, as FEMYSO, strongly believe of the need of such organisation and that it is only altogether that we will be successful.

As a European civil society organisation, we aim at building a diverse, cohesive and vibrant Europe and we remember today that our work has been made possible thanks to the creation of the European Union a few decades back.

When looking at our History, we cannot help but see how throughout the times we are still facing similar challenges and as our predecessors, we are working towards a common future, a Europe of freedom, equality, human rights and peace, a Europe we believe will continue to strive as the rightful heirs of the Schuman Declaration of 1950.

This Europe Day is particularly special this year since it comes a few days before the European Parliament elections and shows even more the importance of voting. In a few days, we will shape our future by one simple yet precious vote and this 9th of May sounds even more important today as it echoes an ideal we all want to see: a strong and peaceful Europe.