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The weekend of 13-15 October 2023 saw the election of a new Executive Committee of our organisation by its Member Organisations. With that, we say goodbye to our current executive team after two years of service.  

We would like to thank our outgoing team for their commitment to this organisation over the mandate: 

Hande Taner – President (The Netherlands) 

Salman Gadid – Head of Communications and Marketing (Finland) 

Hiba Latreche – Head of Internal development (France)

Aida Rizk – General Secretary (United Kingdom) 

Anes Cherigiu – Head of Fundraising (Sweden) 

Nadia El Faroukhi – Head of Member Organisation Relations (France) 

Vullnet Selmani – Head of Finance (North Macedonia) 

Burak Barut – Head of Training (Germany) 

Ibtihelle Ben – Head of Services (France) 

Yusuf Hassan – Head of Media (United Kingdom) 

Nourhene Mahmoudi – Head of Campaigns (Italy) 

Saturday the 14th of October saw the election of the incoming FEMYSO Executive Committee: 

Hania Chalal – President (France) 

Salman Gadid – Head of Member Organisations Relations (Finland) 

Vacant – Head of Fundraising

Ahmed Moujoud – Head of Finance (Italy) 

Omar Abu Qalbain – General Secretary (United Kingdom) 

Hamda Mohamed – Head of Communication and Marketing (United Kingdom) 

Aida Rizk – Head of Internal Development (United Kingdom) 

Chayma Bouchafra – Head of Training (Spain) 

Nourhene Mahmoudi – Head of Media (Italy) 

Abdulsami Arjumand – Head of Campaigns (United Kingdom) 

Sofia Tasneem – Head of Services (United Kingdom)