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FEMYSO responds to the alarming rise in Islamophobia across Europe due to the human rights violations in Palestine

The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO) is deeply concerned about the alarming rise in Islamophobia in the wake of the escalating conflict in Palestine and Israel. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families. Recent events have once again shed light on the urgent need for international action to address the root causes of this prejudice and to promote peace, justice, and respect for all.

Islamophobia perpetuates a cycle of discrimination and hatred against Muslim communities, making it essential to understand that this prejudice does not reflect the values of the majority but is perpetuated by a minority who exploit conflict to advance their hateful ideologies. 

FEMYSO calls upon governments and law enforcement agencies in Europe to address the issue of discriminatory policing. No one should be subjected to biased profiling, harassment, or unequal treatment based on their religion, ethnicity, or origin. It is the duty of governments to uphold the principles of justice, equality, and human rights for all their citizens, irrespective of their background.

It is only through dialogue, cooperation, and respect for international law and an end to the occupation that we can hope to bring an end to this long-standing crisis, and with it, the associated Islamophobia and discriminatory policing targeting Muslim populations in Europe protesting against injustice. 

These protests are inspired by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. European governments and institutions should prioritise diplomatic efforts to prevent further loss of life and casualties, instead of providing “carte blanche” to the security apparatus to punish those emotionally affected by the situation. 

FEMYSO believes that countering Islamophobia requires collaborative efforts. Our organisation commits to working hand in hand with European governments, educational institutions, and civil society organisations to challenge stereotypes, promote dialogue, and foster a sense of unity and belonging among all citizens, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.

We call on the European media to responsibly report on conflicts, ensuring that coverage is balanced, unbiased, and devoid of any negative stereotypes that can perpetuate Islamophobia. Likewise, it is imperative for governments to protect the rights of all their citizens, regardless of their religion or ethnicity, and to hold those who engage in hate crimes accountable for their actions.

We reiterate our commitment to promoting peace, justice, and intercultural understanding. It is only through collective efforts and the rejection of hatred and prejudice that we can hope for a future where all people, regardless of their faith, can live in harmony and mutual respect. 

We call on European leaders to work together in addressing this pressing issue and creating a more inclusive and peaceful world for all.



1. FEMYSO (est. 1996) is a network organisation for 32 Muslim youth and student organisations across 22 European countries, and is the leading voice for European Muslim youth, developing and empowering them, and working to build a more diverse, cohesive and vibrant Europe. 

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