On 22 July, FEMYSO commemorates and supports the victims of hate crime

Nine years have passed since the Oslo and Utøya terrorist attacks which claimed the innocent lives of 77 person, most of whom were very young people. These two terrorist attacks were motivated by racist hatred, which in recent years we have witnessed its mainstreaming in the public discourse, including verbal and physical attacks on minority groups and organisations defending human rights. Hate Speech provides the context for Hate Crimes to take place as it dehumanises its targets and provides justification for violence and heinous crimes.

FEMYSO calls upon political entities, including MEPs, to take a firm stand against racism, intolerance, and hatred.

We call upon entities in the wider political and civil society spectrum to put more effort in tackling hatred and violence.

We call upon the member states of the Council of Europe to establish this day, 22nd of July, as the European Day for Victims of Hate Crime.

FEMYSO stands with communities and organisations fighting for human rights, fundamental freedoms and human dignity.

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