Help the People of the Balkans Now

The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO) calls for immediate support to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Eastern Croatia that have been suffering from the biggest natural catastrophe in a century. 


For the past week, floods caused by the torrential rains in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, resulting in significant human and material damage in the affected areas, including 43 people killed. 


Over a million people have been affected and thousands have had to leave their homes. According to the Bosnian government, a million Bosnians have been cut off from clean water and 100,000 buildings destroyed. In the Republic of Serbia, 24,352 people were evacuated and 2,260 damaged. Floodwaters triggered more than 3,000 landslides across the Balkans, damaging entire towns and villages and disturbing land mines leftover from the region’s 1990s war. 


The populations of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia now face the threat of the spread of infectious  

diseases and a clean-up effort that will cost billions of euros. 


In the name of FEMYSO’s Member Organisations from the region, FEMYSO encourages you to act in solidarity with the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. People must be provided with basic goods, and many organizations are working on the ground and need urgent help. 


You can help in several ways, by providing either a financial support or donating goods directly. Our member organization, AKOS, is hosting displaced people in its center, Misbah and are delivering food directly to people in need, together with government organisations: 


You can help them to reach more affected people by donating money to: 


Transakcijski račun: 1410010001749560 

Bosna Bank International dd Sarajevo 

Devizni račun:1413065310095117