First ever digital European Muslim Career’s Fair

On the 22nd of May of this year, we concluded our very first Digital European Muslim Career’s Fair. 

We hosted 12 professionals from all over Europe and from different industries sharing their experiences and stories. The professionals represented some top firms that included P&G, Amazon, Nespresso, Oliver Wyman and more. The participants had the chance to learn more about the fields they are interested in, ask questions, and connect.  

In addition to getting insights into the different industries, we also had some focused panels discussing some important topics such as diversity in the workplace, working abroad and Muslim women in workplace.   

Our aims for this event were to: 

  • To provide Young Muslims across Europe with better understanding of some of the most competitive fields out there. 
  • To show that FEMYSO can provide more to our members than just activism and politics. 
  • To reach out to corporations and build fruitful relationships. 

Although this was our first career’s fair, we were able to achieve the aims and received very positive feedback from the guest speakers and participants. We were able to arrange talks by many wonderful professionals in many fields who provided great benefit to the attendees with insights in their respective industries. 

We learned much during the planning and execution of this event. We hope that we can use these lessons to expand the scope and reach of our future career’s fairs.