FEMYSO attends the 6th CEC Summer School on Human Rights

The 6th CEC Summer School on Human Rights was held  in Lisbon, in collaboration with the Portuguese Council of Christian Churches and United Nations, where the topic of  “Freedom of Expression and Populism” was addressed extensively. 

The program was designed to offer innovative perspectives to combat populist ideas in the public sphere and create solidarity among churches, religious communities, and academics, in Europe. The participants who came from different national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds were given an opportunity to study together and receive interdisciplinary training on freedom of expression, hate speech, hate crime and how to prevent incitement to hatred in religious contexts.

FEMYSO welcomes inter-faith and inter-cultural action oriented approaches and looks forward to further cooperation opportunities with the many organisations which were present at the Summer School.

This is a glimpse from last year’s CEC Summer School on Human Rights which took place in Malaga, Spain.

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