FEMYSO Statement on Earth Day 2020

Today, on the 22nd April FEMYSO joins the global community in observing Earth Day.

As an organisation sustainability and looking after our earth has remained a priority campaign. With this being the 50th edition of Earth Day we call upon all global citizens to reflect upon their own impact on our planet. 

Earth day is not only a day, it is a movement which aims to raise awareness around environmental issues that strongly impact communities across the globe. What must not be forgotten is that the biggest victims of climate change are not those in the developed world, but those in fragile climates where extreme weather as a result of human impact like that of drought has caused untold damage.

“Nature is our first source of life, first source of care and the first source of education. Humans are the only living beings on earth that have the freedom to choose to consciously destroy it. Disconnect yourself from nature, and you’ll disconnect yourself from your humanity, it is written in our scriptures that we have to protect what maintains us in life, therefore taking care of the earth is literally taking care of yourself” FEMYSO Green-Up Campaign Lead, Florence Pouilly 

Young people across the globe when asked about political priorities mention climate change on every single occasion, therefore we call upon policy-makers and decision-takers to the concerns of youth seriously in this regard, not only acting upon their asks but empowering them to lead in the protection of their own futures. 

As FEMYSO, we hope years from now the leaders of this organisation look back and applaud the significant steps taken by individuals and governments to save our planet – there simply is no other option.  

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