FEMYSO strongly condemns the atrocities perpetrated at Southern California Chabad Synagogue near San Diego, California.

We witness with sadness the consequences of hate speech, once again innocent blood has been spilled in the name of white supremacism. Only a few weeks after Christchurch, it is now the Jewish community, who is the target of hatred and evil. Prior to this event, the attacker burnt a mosque for the same motive and declared in his manifesto that he was strongly inspired by the Christchurch terrorist.

The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisation stands strong with the Jewish community and is deeply shocked by the wide spread of horrific ideologies across the world.

Sadly today, only a few days after the Sri Lanka massacres, we share these mournful words with a heavy heart as witnesses of hate.

We extend our sincere condolences to the victims’ families of this hellish shooting and more widely our support to the Jewish community in California and elsewhere. As we mourn the loss of innocent worshippers on the last day of Passover, we should never stop working towards peace among our different communities regardless of the many attempts to destroy our unity.

Today more than ever, we urge and call on all international and civil society organisations to take concrete actions and establish real policies to not only stop these heinous attacks but also prevent such horrible murders to happen again.

FEMYSO will always denounce hate speech and fight against anti-semitism and all forms of hate, racism and discrimination, and we summon all civil society actors work towards stronger policies on such important matters.


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