FEMYSO will always #RememberSrebrenica

The 11th of July marks the largest massacre to take place on European soil post World War II. A genocide in 1995 claimed the lives of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica. This massacre was part of a wider genocidal campaign carried out  during the Bosnian war.

This event shows Islamophobia manifested to its natural conclusion. The ambition of the Serbian Military was to “wipe out” Bosnian Muslims, this justified their inhumane and callous acts of evil.

Today, we stand 25 years on, still trying to educate the international community about Srebrenica, to make sure that violence inspired by such hatred does not take place in Europe ever again.

Sign the online petition to Stop and Legally Ban the Denial of the Srebrenica Genocide.


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FEMYSO will always #RememberSrebrenica

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