FREE Interrail pass for every EU 18 year old!

After a year of bad news for the EU, Euroventure was pleased to finally see some positive news: The European parliament is proposing to give every 18-year-old a free interrail pass!

This weekend the European commission announced they’ll soon be launching their first trial. This summer, over 20 thousand Interrail Tickets will be winging their way to selected 18 year olds accross Europe!


This week it has been announced that the EU will set aside 12 Million euros to start the scheme this summer!

Applications for the 1st set of 15,000 tickets will take place between the 12th and the 26th June. This batch of applications will be open to teenagers from the EU who will be 18 on or by the 1st July (I.e who have 18th birthdays from 2nd July 2017 and 1st July 2018). If you don’t match these requirements, unfortunately you won’t be eligable this time, but keep checking for future batches of applications.

Around 1900 of these tickets are for British applicants, with similar numbers for France and Germany, and 140 for Irish applicants.

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I’ll be 18 then! How do I apply?

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