The European Green Up Challenge Grant

Today it is vital that young people have opportunities to reflect and act upon sustainability in all its forms. For sure, future generations will increasingly be bombarded by the consequences of climate change and climate related issues. They can widely be witnessed throughout Europe, being it climate deterioration, extreme weather changes and patterns, and many problems associated with climate migration. It is high time that young people have better understanding of issues related to climate change and take the lead in both adopting more sustainable lifestyles and creating solutions to combat long term environmental issues and challenges.

The European Green Up Challenge is a 4 day training session for 10 to 15 participants from FEMYSO’s Member Organizations. This project is part of the 2018-2020 Green Up campaign of FEMYSO. This campaign will look to achieve results in line with the European Union’s climate goals through empowering the youth to bring positive environmental change both in their localities and at a European level.

This training aims to develop synergy and have a multiplying effect, on local, regional, national and/or European level. It’s related to environmental problems and concerns of youth, and seeks to involve and empower them to effectively engage in solution oriented environmental actions of sustainable works.

The goal of this project is to provide the essential keys to tomorrow’s players, so that they take the lead in green projects at different levels; local, national and European, following the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the Council of Europe for a more cohesive and effective work.

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