8 Amazing Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a wonderful practice when it comes to health improvement. Whether you’re suffering from any illness or you’re just committed to self care. We should all take into consideration taking care of our health in order to be more energetic and eventually will be more available in fulfilling our objectives. The Ramadan month is very special to Muslims in terms of spiritual grow and at the same time so beneficial to the health and wellbeing. And it is amazing seeing so many benefits of fasting.

It promotes a strong discipline of controlling your actions when dealing with food, even though this is a deeper issue, but is a very educational process. It can really equip you with a stronger awareness about taking care of your heart and body, being healthy and grateful. In many of my posts, I’ve often mentioned the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It is totally related with your overall productivity, because your availability about doing great things, it really depends on your health state also. Even though there are people who’ve lacked the great health condition, and still did very well, you can now take control of your health. And fasting is a great option because:


One of the leading causes of death all around the world is heart disease and one of the best ways to reduce the risk of it, is switching your lifestyle and your diet. There is research proving that the incorporation of fasting into your diet can be very beneficial. Fasting regularly can really reduce levels of cholesterol. It also decreases blood pressure. 


Fasting improves brain function and structure according to some studies. It is wonderful since it can also help in preventing neurodegenerative disorders.


It is a great way for weight loss and especially that belly fat, since it allows the body to burn fats due to continuous calorie restriction when fasting. It helps you build a great eating discipline by improving your eating pattern. Not allowing yourself to eat between some hours, can really help. And since this discipline during Ramadan will last about 30 days, it will become a habit. Usually when you don’t eat for about 4-5 hours, you’d think you’re hungry. But actually true hunger is filled when you don’t eat for about 12 to 24 hours. So when fasting you’ll train your body to really know when you’re hungry and avoid consuming food without a necessity. Actually this is the main problem of obese people. They don’t recieve correct signals to know when they are full. Maybe because of eating too frequently and quickly. 


Letting your digestive system rest for a while, it can really energise your metabolism and the burning calories process can become more efficient. So at the end of Ramadan, you’ll end up with some nice eating habits and a stronger metabolic system.


Lot of studies have shown how many people’s lives have become longer (in terms of not facing any illness or health problems) just because of their diet. Having an efficient and faster metabolism, can eventually lead to a healthy body and a better life. 


It is amazing seeing how come that when you’re having no food into the digestive system, this creates more space for energy. This makes you feel more connected when dealing with something. Maybe reading, practicing meditation or even any physical exercise. You know, you feel easier and this is beneficial physically and consciously.


When the digestive system is taking a break, the body will be able to regenerate energies even in the other body systems. There are proofs that even fasting for a single day helps the body clean up toxins and also regulate other organs functioning. . 


Lot of studies show that fasting can help a lot when it comes to cancer prevention. Fasting is mentioned even in The longevity diet book of Valter Longo, an italian biologist. It shows how periodical fasting every month helps in preventing and even treating cancer. There are also few studies showing that fasting could block tumour development and even increase effectiveness of chemotherapy. 

As you can see there are some amazing benefits when fasting. It can be a great way to fast regularly not just during Ramadan, but even some voluntary fasting too. We can become more disciplined when talking about eating and being more aware of what we’re adding into our body. Remember, your body is where you live, so take care of it.

Valbona Brahaj

References: www.healthline.com

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